About me

About me

Firstly, hello and a very warm welcome to my blog!

Mary here and I love love love Power BI. I’ve been fortunate enough to work it every single day since it was launched in 2015. I’ve learnt so many things along the way and I’ve always wanted to take some time out to note them down in case they might help other people, but until now I haven’t found the time. This is where this blog comes in. It is my personal space to record the things I learn or have learnt.  

Why call my blog Power BI KISS?

First reason, as stated I really love Power BI.
Second reason, I really don’t use complex elements of Power BI, therefore I like to think that I Keep it Simple, Stupid, hence Power BI KISS.

I’m not likely to cover much in the way of enterprise-based concepts, that’s not my strength. My expertise is in the small low hanging fruit parts of Power BI, that I hope will be easy for others to learn from.

What’s with the gif?

I am so chuffed with this.

It was made for me as I had been a guest on a podcast called Raw Data by P3 Adaptive where all guests have a gif created for them. It’s hosted by the brilliant Rob Colie and Thomas LaRock.

During our chat I had reason to mention I had been an extra in Game of Thrones. Hence, the picture is of me in my Game of Thrones wilding costume.

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